CHC's Mission:
A Quality Product, along with Community Responsibility

COMING IN 2019-20 The CHC Group will add an additional component to it's panelization factory: A new high tech 82,000 SF Modular Factory. The factory will focus on commercial buildings up to
four stories high.

The Factory will serve the following markets:
-Mixed-Use Facilities
-Multi-Family Housing
-Hospitality Industry- Hotels/Motels/Resorts
-Apartment Buildings
-Senior/Assisted Living Complexes
-Student Housing
-Office Complexes
-Institutional Facilities

The advantages of building off-site using Modular Construction:
-Saves time, so saves money
-Sustainable, smarter, more efficient building
-Reduced Construction Schedule
-Safer Construction
-Better Engineered Buildings
-Building Year Round and non-Weather Related
-Quality Materials and Complete Code Complaince
Greener Building

Modular Construction is the future...The future is now!


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